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TeachNext agencies can recruit for partner schools

TeachNext does more than simply list available positions at overseas Christian schools; it links candidates with schools and sending agencies based on their interests, skills and experience.  TeachNext Agencies can also register at no cost.

As a participating agency, you will be able to AFFILIATE with TeachNext schools that you support with staff and assist them in recruiting and placing educators. By placing educators, who get their support through your agency, in these schools, you enable schools to keep their tuition affordable for your families. TeachNext is a recruitment tool that allows you to see the profiles of candidates and lets them see a profile of the school and of your agency before you begin a dialogue.

TeachNext Agencies with Non-Traditional Needs

If your agency has educational needs in Non-Traditional education settings, you will be able to register as a School on TeachNext (See “What does it cost”) which allows you to post positions for Non-Traditional education roles including such things as tutors, teachers for one-room schoolhouses, itinerant teachers, educational consultants, and boarding home parents. Many mission recruiters will be promoting this website in order to harness the power of cooperation.


TeachNext Agency

TeachNext Agency

Non-Traditional Schools

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arrowSign-Up as an agency – Does your agency needs to place teachers in schools overseas? This is the place to partner (affiliate) with those schools to find the educators needed at no cost.

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How can an Agency find educators for Partner Schools?

TeachNext helps you partner with overseas schools for free. If you are able to help these schools find qualified educators and send them out supported by your agency, you can help keep these schools affordable for your families. Sign-up as a TeachNext Agency to affiliate with partner schools to help them find qualified educators that match their needs.

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TeachNext - Educational opportunites in Overseas Christian Schools

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